Your quality of life is directly linked to your pain and mobility. In order to live life to the fullest, you want to be able to move freely without having to worry about debilitating spasms or chronic pain. We draw from a variety of disciplines in order to find the perfect solution to your unique situation. You can expect effective and lasting results!

Chiropractic medicine has become integrated into conventional healthcare practices. It is a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals and surgical operations. Before opting for an invasive procedure or drug regimen, we encourage you to try natural therapies. Treatments like spinal manipulation can restore your body to a balanced state and thereby spark the natural healing process. This means your painful symptoms will dissipate naturally, and are less likely to occur in the future.

In addition to chiropractic medicine, we also offer comprehensive pain management through a variety of disciplines. This can include everything from localized injections to homeopathic medicine. Our incredible staff will seek out all possible means of addressing your unique needs. No two people experience pain in the same way. Why would we treat all our patients the same? It is this level of dedication and commitment to holistic wellness that we hope to demonstrate from your first visit on. Below is just an example of some of the therapies that our doctors will provide based on your needs:

 - Chiropractic Manipulation
 - Neuromuscular Integration
 - Physiotherapy
 - Massage Therapy
 - Exercise Therapy
 - Muscle Strength Training
 - Osteopathic Medicine
 - Homeopathic Medicine
 - Orthomolecular Nutrition
 - Trigger Point Injections
 - Pain Management 

Pain Associates of Gilbert works with the best pain management doctor in Gilbert, AZ. We have the experience to treat knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, back pain, foot pain, neck pain, and more. You can eliminate your pain without the use of expensive drugs and procedures. If you want to avoid risky operations, try our customized care solutions. Everybody responds differently to treatment. It is important you work with an experience pain management center.

Pain management includes:

- Natural Healing—We always look for means of natural healing. Narcotics and other pain medications are almost never an option. Your body can restore itself to natural pain-free functions without dependence on these substances. During your initial consultation, our experienced doctors will design a pain management program based on a variety of disciplines. Everything is personalized to match your unique situation.

- Management Strategies—We combine quality manual therapy with advanced modalities to find the perfect solution for your pain management. By integrating a number of methods, we are confident you will get positive results. For example, most soft tissue ailments can be corrected through manual therapy. We use chiropractic manipulation and massage therapy in conjunction to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment.

- Personal Wellness—Last but not least, we provide you with a number of lifestyle suggestions so you can take your healing home! No matter what treatment you choose, the best form of medicine is preventative medicine. We want to make sure the pain never returns! One effective form of treatment is exercise therapy. We give you a unique set of exercise routines to follow, including light movements and stretching.

Effective pain management does not require a prescription regimen. You can get lasting results without compromising your wellness. Speak to our experienced doctors for more information!